Small in its size, the city of Dubrovnik is rich and extraordinary which makes up for itsdimensions. Never have I seen such stark contrast and vibrancy of colors. Standing on the walls that once protected its inhabitants from outsiders. Sleepy in the early mornings, attracts throngs of tourists to see filming locations of Game of Thrones or to pop in for the afternoon from their docked cruise ships, one night away from their next locations.

While it could take me a while to recite the history I learned from the five days I spent based in the Adriatic port, I think many of the photographs taken can speak for themselves. Here, I spent an afternoon shaded by the arboretum started in the 12th century, nearly alone on a Sunday afternoon, completely washed in the perfumed of lavender and the peaceful stillness of spring birds chirping and frogs echoing in a whin-y croak. Here, I threw back the best oysters I’ve ever tasted, white from the high percentage of sea salt which made the water the clearest I’ve ever seen; glass waves and beads gurgled and jumped from a boat propeller. Here, was deep cerulean waters camouflaged with spots drawn thin of turquoise and moss.

Other worldly visions of mountainous islands that sit on white waters tinseled and blind from the sun confuses the horizon with the sky.